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[postlink]http://christianremix.mymusic4me.net/2012/06/weapons-of-hope-airplanes-bob.html[/postlink] Weapons of Hope - Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars) and Not Afraid (Eminem)


Instead of wishing on airplanes
in the night sky, like shooting stars,
i could really use a prayer right now,
a prayer right now,
Because prayer can change lives,
it can heal scars,
it can save the world
We could really use some help right now,
some help right now

Sometimes i leave, sometimes i stay
in that place, i'm trying to escape, in my mind, i run away
It keeps pulling me back and drowning me in my sleep
the darkness fills up the space and makes me weak
Somehow i give in and i'm one with it all
But i know, that though i stumble i will never fall
His hand is holding me tight so i'm safe, i know
i'm begging Him, please don't let me let go
And so, closing my eyes, i'm drifting off to the sky
Where the clouds aren't above me and i'm all dry
Can i stay here as long as I want, just until
Until i finally get the skill to climb another hill
Off to the distance i can see the flashing light
from the crash of the airplane that I wished on last night,
but still i realize that hope is not all lost
cause there's something more powerful than wishes, at no cost

Lost in our lives cant carry my eyes
Reaching for the sky to make sure my ride remains strong steady
Lost for words, flames blocking my path to phase
and cross out my ways a weight holding me down heavy
no airplanes, through him i soar higher than any planes in history
no faith, no victory,
it's only one hope it's only one way
till the day the lord comes to prove why we all pray
wheels turnin inhale the flames burnin
i had the ways to enjoy life i had my words slurrin
clock ticking by so fast it's not gonna last
cuz without Him my life is fated to collapse
locked in my zone i'm tryin to find a way out
i'm held tight Lord please can you hear my voice shout
i really need to hear You but i just don't know how
a life situation, i need a prayer right now

Brought to you live, strapped up in this airplane
take off is right now, before it's too late
a dream to be fulfilled why you think i'm in my pjs
L I F E moving in the fast lane
this is a race stay runnin' no delay
all you gotta do is just swing the relay
then come around he say she say we say
lemme get a wish, no ray j
there's not enough stars, too many faces,
too many cars, too many places,
advance from the basic, um what's basis
obstacles we facin up in the makin
i pray to God that one day we make it
if it's not your will then take it, break it.
Lead us in the right direction.
change our hearts not our reflection.
You're the truth, everyone's connection

Weapons of Hope - Airplanes (B.o.B.) - Lyrics

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