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[postlink]http://christianremix.mymusic4me.net/2012/07/apologetix-yhwh-ymca-village-people.html[/postlink] ApologetiX - Micah No. 5 (Mambo No. 5) - Lou Bega
Parody of "YMCA" by Village People
(Exodus 3:13-15, Exodus 20:7)

One man, with the sheep he was found
I said, one man, saw a bush on the mount
He said, "How come it's not burnt to the ground?
"Guess I need to see what's happening!"
One man in a place long ago
I said, one man, who for short we'll call, "Mo"
He went up there, and the LORD he did find
And he learned God's name for all time
He spelled His name with just YHWH
He spelled His name with just YHWH
They have Exodus 3 -- if you plan to read more
You can learn all about the Lord
YHWH -- He spelled His name with just YHWH
Can you guess what it means
Just "I am that I am"
He's the Lord God of Abraham
Some men spell it L-O-R-D
I said, some men use a J and a V
I said, hey man, ain't no big deal to me
But you've got to know just one thing:
No man should take God's name in vain
Cause He commands us to honor His name
He's our Father, Lord and YHWH
All those names work well when you pray


Back then, with the ancient Hebrews
They did not have a, e, i, o’s or u's
And so Moses had no vowels he could buy
Wheel of Fortune shows were so dry
That's why sometimes there when you read
You'll find capitalized letters L-O-R-D
There's a place there for the YHWH
You can just pronounce it Yahweh


YHWH -- the Tetragrammaton – YHWH
Yahweh, Yahweh – it’s a name of renown
Yahweh, Yahweh – it’s a most awesome sound
YHWH – the highest one is – YHWH
No man, no man, should take God’s name in vain
Cause He commands us to honor His name
YHWH – so just go to Him

Hebrews 3:15

©2010 Parodudes Music, Inc.


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