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[postlink]http://christianremix.mymusic4me.net/2012/10/apologetix-love-and-kisses-rock-and.html[/postlink] ApologetiX - Smooth Grandmama (Smooth Criminal) Michael Jackson and Alien Ant Farm)
Parody of "Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss
(Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:36-38, Mk. 12:28-30)

You know Moses and the things of God
The 10 Commandments and the Jewish laws
You try to find which one's the greatest
You say you wanna know where it is
It's part of Deuteronomy chapter 6
You try verse five; you'll find it baby
You read about it
You need to shout it
I love the Lord with all my might
My heart and everything (4X)
The people came to Jesus Christ for a while
They looked for answers and they liked His style
You tell us, Christ, which law's the greatest?
"Love the Lord with everything you've got,"
Jesus said, "Well, that's My first law
"Do all this while you love your neighbor."
Don't even doubt it
You need to shout it


©2010 Parodudes Music, Inc.


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